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An authentic measure of customer satisfaction

Our solution

Voice comprehension

Our solution is capable of understanding and interpreting the discussions between advisor and client.

SaaS Solution

Entirely hosted in the cloud, our solution is perfectly secure and can be quickly deployed in your company.

A powerful AI

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you will be able to learn more about your customers' satisfaction in a transparent and authentic way.

Discover the true customer satisfaction

Their voices as data

Thanks to our voice analysis tools, we are able to understand and analyze the feelings of your users in order to get indications on their satisfaction and provide you with precise points of improvement. With Unsaid, there will be no more room for doubt and you will be able to work with reliable, unpublished and authentic data.

A quick start

Unsaid allows you to quickly enter the era of Artificial Intelligence by providing you with a SaaS solution without maintenance costs and will always meet your requirements in terms of security and availability. You will have at your disposal a state-of-the-art sentiment analysis tool allowing you to benefit from unprecedented data.


AI at the service of customer satisfaction

At Unsaid, we believe that Artificial Intelligence can have an impact in many areas, especially in contact with humans. This is why we are developing an algorithm capable of autonomously understanding your customers' satisfaction.

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