Increase customer satisfaction with the help of AI

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Voice Analysis

The voice of the caller and operator are traced using AI to analyse emotions and interpretations.

Cloud Based

Entirely hosted in the cloud, always secure and easily deployed to the companies.

Powerful AI

Artificial intelligence makes understanding the voice of customers easier with algorithms that analyse their sentiments and words.

Découvrez la vraie satisfaction client

Keep more customers

When a customer gets off the phone unsatisfied, an email alert is sent to you. You'll be able to step in and fix the problem before the customer is lost forever. Stop needlessly losing customers and watch your profits increase.

Make decision with confidence

With the insights provided by AI, you'll know exactly which products or services people love and which are leaving them unsatisfied. Make business decisions with confidence, knowing they are backed up by data from the most accurate source : your customers.


More loyal customers

Call center representatives are given instant feedback on the emotions that take place during every call and if the customer is left satisfied. By understanding how customers feel, your representatives are equipped to serve customers better and keep them loyal to your business for years to come.



840 €

Max 10 000 minutes analyzed / month
3 000 Calls Analyzed / month
AI Speech-To-Text
Sentiment Analysis
Cloud deployment
Deployment in 7 to 10 days
No live supports
Free Trial of 100 minutes
0.11 € per extra minutes
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